Monday, 4 July 2016

July 3rd Get A Dictionary!

I was out this morning for a very last minute and unexpected invitation for a girls' coffee morning. Which was that unexpected, that I had 30 minutes to hop in the shower and make myself look presentable. On Sunday mornings here, I move slower than a tortoise on a go slow day. Sunday's, if they are spent at home, are for lots of cups of coffee, and breaking into the day so very, very gently.

So you can imagine to get the phone call and the invite out. I don't think my body has moved that fast on a Sunday for a very long time.

It was  lovely coffee  morning with Deb and her friends. Actually it was seriously good coffee. Love my long blacks, but this morning I splashed out and had an Americano - which is a long black on steroids size wise. Of course it was chat, chat and more chat - after all it was a table of 4 girls, ok ladies. Then my eyes spotted the following. And because I am a perfectionist, in amongst all the chat I really had to suppress myself from saying anything to the staff. Can you spot the error?

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