Tuesday, 24 June 2014

June 23rd Holiday Snaps

Starting to sort through the holiday snaps. I can remember the days when you got home from holiday, and took a film in to be developed. Sometimes there were six or seven rolls depending on the time away and photos taken. You then waited a few days in anticipation, before developed films could be collected. That was until they really advanced technology and you only had an hour to wait. I wonder what happened to all those large developing machines? Where did they get retired to? Then you arrived home and from all of those rolls, discarding so many photos because heads were chopped off etc etc etc.

Now... take a card thing out of the camera and insert it into a bigger thing that is inserted into the computer. Photos are automatically downloaded and then it is just a matter of sorting and deciding what to keep,

I reminded myself of what used to happen as I mentally complained about the tediousness of what I was doing - but it killed a few hours

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