Sunday, 15 June 2014

June 12th Today We Sailed Over The Seas

Well we did cross the ocean - by ferry and to Rottnest Island. A government owned island. Only 20kms (can't remember the exact measurement but you get the drift - pardon the pun) from Fremantle. A totally different world is out here. Small sandy bays, ideal snorkelling spots, Humpback Whales at migration time, and just the odd Great White Shark sailing by. The Quokka is the local furry inhabitant, a marsupial native to Western Australia and predominantly found on Rottnest Island.

There were a few of these hanging out at the local shops. Then it was time to explore the island. No private vehicles are allowed, so exploring this approx. 80sq km island is by bike only. Fortunately for the small time span we had, there was a local bus tour

There were approx 20 graves in the local cemetery from the original European settlers

Bikes aren''t stored on the island, instead they are kept on the ferry

Back to Fremantle Harbour and I am guessing this was a school fishing class?
This was our last day, so for our last night in Perth we indulged in a City Lights Dinner Cruise on the Swan River. Because it is winter in Perth, tourist numbers have dwindled so there were only a total of 12 people indulging in the cruise. Yay, yay and yay!!

One of the day's highlights. Buying a coffee before we left Fremantle Harbour.  The man at the counter asked our names and enquired as to George's accent. Then in front of a packed harbour building (it was situated inside the ferry terminal) he broke into a loud song. Instead of Come On Eileen, it was Come On Irene - I got the whole rendition, extremely loud and complete with banging forks and spoons. What an experience to remember. Great voice and great coffee!!


  1. That was me, Greg

  2. Thanks Greg. Now I know who my loyal audience of one is :)