Saturday, 21 June 2014

June 20th Normality is Slowly Returning

When Minnie decides she would like to be outside on her 'Throne' - you know life is returning to normal. She is still drugged up and they now think her 'illness' could be spinal, so we have to stop her from jumping up and down and climbing steps. Guess who had to lift her on the throne - I don't think Royalty have it this good   And if you are wondering - the pot she is in is full of wild grass growing, and should it ever die, there is a new one good to go next to it. This is her favourite outdoor spot, to keep an eye on the comings and goings in the neighbourhood and her chill out place when we are in the garden.

We have had to put some creative thinking to use here. Well I did the thinking and George did the do-ing.  We don't want her jumping on and off sofas when we are away from the home, so have the grateful use of a child's playpen.  But the bars were a tad wide and we were worried about a Houdini escape - so George made up some temporary makeshift barriers

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