Tuesday, 17 June 2014

June 16th The Quest For The Ultimate Peeler

It has been many years, but finally I may have found the ultimate vegetable peeler - and I don't mean the two legged one.  The best vegetable peeler I had was a cheapie but damn it was good. However that dropped through the gaps of life and got into some heat  - in other words it fell through a gap in my previous, very old dishwasher and tumbled on to the element (yes, the old dishwasher had an exposed element - but that is long gone now).

Back to my peeler... my previous passable one had a burnt handle and I have bought numerous new ones to try and replace it, and they just didn't cut the mustard or peel the potatoes well.  On holiday in Perth we had to frequent a shopping mall (Peppa Pig Weebles anyone?) and I spotted in a kitchen store a Ceramic Peeler. Quite expensive at $20 + but I decided to take a gamble.  And the gamble paid off. Here is my new, super duper ceramic vegetable peeler, and may she live with us for many days. Plus I have a different dishwasher so she won't burn her bum like her predecessor.

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