Sunday, 22 June 2014

June 21st A Blog About Mesh

This is a deviance from my usual blog subject, which is a random photo(s) from that day.  Today I was most upset to read this article about a woman that had died after Mesh removal surgery

This poor woman had mesh inserted for a hernia in September 2013. Yes, just over 6 months ago. She had an immediate reaction to the mesh and had to have surgery to have the mesh removed at the beginning of June 2014. She died after having the surgery to remove the mesh.

My question is why is the Government and Medical profession still allowing Mesh to be used. They are using the same type of Mesh for both Hernia and Vaginal operations

I had mesh inserted for a vaginal prolapse in April 2005.  Late in 2012 they discovered I had internal cysts and this was attributed to the mesh that was used in the surgery - as well as a tape that was used at the same time.  In 2013 I underwent two lots of surgeries to remove mesh, tape, and cysts that had developed entirely due to my body having infected artificial products within.

I am not after sympathy here as I am a survivor.  I managed to survive a total of 8 years with faulty mesh, and I managed to survive the subsequent necessary surgeries to remove it. I inquired after surgery, what were my options now that all this mesh had been removed, and was told that the mesh they use now is ''SAFE''. If I have subsequent problems I can be confident that the mesh they use now does not cause the same type of problems.  Try telling that to this poor ladies family. She was a Mother and a Grandmother and her life has appeared to have been unnecessarily cut short.

Please I ask each and every one of you to inform your families about this Mesh.  It is not solely a female problem as it is used for hernia repairs - which is both a Male and Female problem. 

Our Government is not listening Doctors are not listening. And people are in pain and suffering, and now dying. What does it take?

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