Monday, 23 June 2014

June 22nd Supermarket Karma

Today Supermarket Karma bit me well and truly on the bum!  Back at the end of March I posted on FB how I unwittingly 'stole' someone's supermarket trolley. Here is a copy of what happened...

You should not go supermarket shopping with me..... I had my trolley and was adding to it - as you do. Did the meat and carried on, and wondered why I hadn't noticed the shopping list, neatly written on a Post It Pad, stuck to the handle. Pulled it off, screwed it up and stuck it on a shelf. Got to the meat, and put it in the trolley. I then looked down and thought some *&@# tried to hijack my trolley, as there was celery (never on my shopping list) in there. I cursed to myself and put my several items of meat in. Walked further down the aisle, and then looked closer at the other groceries, and absolutely nothing was mine.
Guess who the real supermarket trolley hijacker was? I discreetly took my meat and walked back quite a way to find my trolley with all my items safely inside it, looking very sad and forlorn. Apologies to whomever for not only pinching your trolley of groceries but also for throwing your shopping list away!!

Fast forward to just short of 3 months down the line. Same supermarket, and once again me shopping on my own.  Today I decided to take the brave step of changing my Muesli (underpants are a given every day of course), but a Muesli change is a big decision. Toasted? Natural? Bits of Fruit? No Bits of Fruit? You get the drift. The Cereal aisle (in the order that I shop) is just about at the end of the shopping experience for me, and not far from the checkouts. I was therefore practically at the end of my shop. So after a good 10 minutes of perusing, reading labels and trying to make an informed and unintelligent decision, I had my purchase in my hand. And went to put it in the trolley, and my trolley was... gulp... gone!  The whole aisle was empty, there wasn't even another shopper in the aisle. Just me on my lonesome, with no trolley and a packet of cereal in my hand!!  I stood like a stunned mullet at first and then thought "Is this Karma or what?" Time to go for a stroll and my trolley was absolutely no where in sight. Other shoppers must have wondered what the heck was going on as I walked up and looked in their trolleys.

In the end it was time to ring George, to tell him what had happened and that he could double my time away from home as I had to start right back at the beginning. And MY shopping list... well Smartphone and App loving me has her shopping list on the phone, and as items are put in the trolley, they are deleted off my list.  So I decided to head back to the beginning and start over and try and visualise what was in my trolley.  I was going to take the shortcut to get back to the entrance, but decided to take my chances and go the long way and look for the trolley pilferer.  

Finally, aisles and aisles and miles and miles away. Guess what I chanced upon! With a strange pack of Muesli propped on top. I decided to do the right thing and take the Muesli that wasn't mine, and put it where it rightfully belonged. Hopefully I have now balanced out the equities of supermarket karma with the Gods of Food Consumerism!!!!!


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