Monday, 1 April 2013

March 29th - April 1st Easter Weekend

An Easter Weekend means a long, long, loooooooooo-ng weekend. Our original intention was to stay home (we are heading off on holiday soon), but when the lovely Judy and Chris Johnstone invited us over to stay with them in Whitianga - believe me, the thought of a weekend away with great company, great food and at a great location didn't take too much arm twisting.

Friday March 29th..

Apart from a traffic backlog at the Paeroa bridge, ie 2.7km, traffic wasn't that bad. Eventually arriving in Whitianga and after a spa, time to chillax with a pre dinner cocktail (or two) - courtesy of George, the Romanian barman

Pre dinner drinks over and time for dinner. We wondered what the glow of lights were over a hill, until it finally presented itself as this

and it was night time on the waterways

Saturday, March 30th

Time for a spot of fishing. I didn't expect to go out on the boat and only had bling bling dresses..  As I don't fish it must have looked strange. Everyone else decked out in their fishing gear and me in my bling bling dress.

When I eventually emerged from my comatose condition - ie queasiness due to a slightly choppy ocean - I found it was all action on board.

Come to me Fish, you will make a great Smoked Dish

A Baby Grand Daddy

George Playing With Buoys

Time to head home
Low Tide
Sunday March 31st

An unwelcome visitor! Shark Tales any one?

Please don't feel squeamy
these make excellent Sashimi
Yes they are Albacore Tuna x 3
but not just any Tom, Dick or Harry

Monday 1st April

No, this is not an April fool's, I opened our curtains on awakening to find a sunrise of jewels

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