Friday, 26 April 2013

April 25th. Tigers, Orchids, Caves and Hill tribes

Today was one of those days where if you had a bucket list, you would be ticking off items. I only have a small selection of pictures from my phone as we used the super duper cam, so these will have to do for blog purposes

I never thought in my life I would be lying down cuddled up to a 200kg Tiger, with three other tigers around me. George and I were both tearful at such a unique experience (he loves Tigers as much as I love Elephants) and it was truly amazing. I was surprised as I thought their fur would be like a cat's fur but it actually reminded me of a short haired dog's coat.

Prior to the Tigers, we visited an Orchid farm (we both adore Orchids). The balance of the day comprised visiting Hill Tribes, ie the Karen Long Neck ( ladies wear bronze rings up to 5kg on their necks and some on their legs, Akha Tribe (No photos allowed. Only single woman wear white and we were warned to watch our wallets!), Lisu, and the Big Ears.

We also visited Chiang Dao Caves, a limestone cave complex with a massive array of stalactites, and Buddhas carved in the rock. One interesting find was a very large statue of a Buddha lying on his back but at foot level - almost in a natural drain that coursed through the caves - the caves do flood with 2 metres being the largest recorded level. This Buddha was found within the Caves and it was considered bad luck to move him, so there he stayed,

I can only describe this day as jaw dropping and amazing to the nth degree. And I didn't mention lunch. Shall I just leave you with Yum Yum!!

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