Wednesday, 10 April 2013

April 9th Where's the Fairy?

Where is that damned Packing Fairy when you need her..............

Just a wee update. Well not a wee update, because if it was a wee update, you would get to know my toilet habits.  So let's just make it an update. I am off to foreign shores for a bit of R & R. I think I have my blog sussed, and what to do in a strange land. If there isn't a post, please check back, as they will happen but possibly a little less frequently. Who knows... there may be a photo one day of a real, yes a real elephant - or if not, at least a wooden one. I can break a promise can't I? I did say no more elephants would be purchased, but if it is extra special, or one i haven't got.. what is a girl to do?

And in the words of the great Arnie... I Veel Be Buck. Hasta La Vista my faithful followers!!

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  1. Safe and happy travels :) Brenda