Monday, 8 April 2013

April 7th Pillow Puffs

That is my new name for these.  These are squares of puff pastry and in the middle of two squares is a small cube of Feta cheese. This time I used marinated feta, and included a small sliver of garlic that was in the marinade, with each piece of feta.

Two different batches of Flaky Puff Pastry were used. Without naming and shaming brands, the first batch made with pastry which rhymes with 'Siegmunds' were flat. Whilst tasting nice, they were flat and didn't really rise. I would not call it Puff Pastry at all.

Imagine my surprise with my second batch made with the brand that rhymes with 'Spams' As if to compensate for the lack of puff with the first batch, these huffed and puffed and did the total opposite!

To Puff or Not To Puff? That is the question

ps I would have included a photo of Flat Feta Failures, but whilst they looked like failures they tasted A-OK and were eaten. No photographic evidence remained.

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