Thursday, 28 March 2013

March 27th Pick Pick

Todays blog is me being picky. Now have a look at this photo...

Yes it is the common Tooth Pick, aka Dentiscalpium. Used to pick sticky bits out from in between your teeth. Also excellent to poke one into each side of an avocado stone, suspend it in water and it will eventually take root and you can plant it. Or if you find a mouse with a broken leg and you are of that type of animal loving persuasion, you could use one as a splint - on the mouse's broken leg. You get my drift.

But this blog isn't about 101 uses for a Tooth Pick. I am being picky (pardon the pun).  I often find them on the coffee table, they have been known to turn up on the bedside table  (not on my side of the bed I would like to stress). Or I have even found the stray one on the kitchen bench or dining table

Somehow these little bits of wood just miraculously appear. I am beginning to think we have a Dentiscalpium ghost in the house!

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