Thursday, 21 March 2013

March 20th Bad Photo

You most probably wonder why I have made this my photo of the day. It is a very bad photo - no qualms about that. But....

I was at traffic lights and an old school VW, driven by a young school pup was behind me. I was in my new school VW, driven by an old school - shall we say bitch, because I sure as hell ain't no pup!

Both our Beetles were the same shade of green. I was that gobsmacked I tried to take a photo with my phone (with the reverse camera) and ended up getting a bit of my hair (note the just out of bed but took ages to accomplish sticky up-y bit) and my ear (no matter what time of day, they just plain stick out), and you can just make out the shape of the Beetle behind me.

And then the lights turned green, which is what we both were - and we took off on our own little journeys. Who knows maybe our paths (tires) will indeed cross treads again. 

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