Monday, 25 March 2013

March 24th Foodie Sunday

Sundays tend to be food focussed. OK I confess... every day is food focussed. However, when you don't have the pressures of work etc, Sunday fits the bill perfectly.

The day started with a bit of marinading for the butterflied lamb to be bbq'd later on for dinner

Garlic cloves and Rosemary (both home grown) marinading in olive oil. The lamb was butterflied so I put the garlic and rosemary in the middle and brushed the outside of the lamb with the oil. Hasselback Potatoes are also accompanying the lamb, and this was brushed with the left over oil.

Next up were these..

Eww I hear you say - what is that? Fear not. This is bbq'd eggplant, that has been peeled and left to drain (on a slope) of all juices overnight.

Chop finely with red onion (a 2 eggplants to one red onion ratio), and then you have this...

That is mayonnaise on top. Home made? Doh no. Come on it's Sunday, and I deserve some R & R (ie Red Wine and Reading).  And the final result looks like this:

Doesn't look great does it? But the taste is wonderful believe me. You can use this as a dip, as a side salad, or on Pizza - ie replace your usual tomato paste base with the above It gives Pizza's a wonderful creamy texture, and just that bit of 'something different oomph'

And that was the Sunday that was.

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