Wednesday, 15 May 2013

May 15th Overdue Elephants

Me thinks it is time we had some Elephants.  Everyone thought I would return with lots and lots of elephants after our recent holiday in Thailand. Not so. Although in Chiang Mai there were these absolutely beautiful carved pieces of flowerets intertwined with elephants on a large piece of teak. Sigh. Walking away broke my heart. I could have given that piece such a lovely, warm and friendly home.

I kid you not, I purchased these two coffee mugs in Chiang Mai. And a fridge magnet which is a silk elephant, and was a fundraising initiative for village woman to produce local crafts. That was my total purchase  - of elephants.

If you ever make it to Chiang Mai, the night market is a must. When we first arrived, I was disappointed - row after row on the street of same, same. However if you go off the beaten path and meander down lanes and into buildings - that is where the night market worth gooing over is located. This is the arty farty crafty part of the market and there are sensational offerings. Should I mention the food is good as well - plus they had my Bubble Tea (Pearl Tea), which is an added plus.

So for my photo of the day here are my hand painted coffee mugs from Chiang Mai. I would show you the magnet, but she is having a cool time hanging around the fridge, just chillaxing with the older elephants

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