Saturday, 29 October 2016

October 28th Winner Winner No Chicken Dinner

Well today I had the privilege of dining out not just once, but twice. I can certainly live with this sort of social calendar.

Lunch was a more official work capacity. ie Irene remember to be a lady, no four letter bombs, ie where is CAKE! (ha gotcha there didn't I?), all very pc, little fingers out when sipping (ok gulping) one's wine and totally work related - in a very nice environment. And no photography involved.

Dinner was a very relaxed, very friend focused evening. Out for our 4 to 6 weekly dinner with Alvin, Alicia, Ella and Esme for the evening. We decided it had been a very long time since we had enjoyed Thai food - we usually eat Asian, as the food is so good. So Thai it was with a bit of Vietnam cuisine thrown in. The Vietnamese Braised pepper pork was sensational. Actually come to think of it, as was the Prawns, as was the crispy pork, and as was the .. oh dammit! The whole damned lot was mouth watering, saliva inducing and a drool fest.

I had to use the Ladies room, as you tend to do. Well actually as you tend more to do when you suffer from 'old lady's bladder'.  Well when I saw this sign in the ladies toilet, I just had to go out and get my phone to take a photo. According to George, there was no such sign in the Gents. So does this mean some ladies stand on the seats, and pee on the floor - I never!

The water jug was just that too big for my handbag!


  1. The toilet sign made me laugh out loud Irene..............I thought the message was all very p.c. until the surprise in the 3rd from bottom line! It would be a darned hard task indeed NOT to pee on the floor if you're standing on the toilet seat - well for a lady anyhow!
    Dawn. xx

  2. Exactly my impression as well Dawn. And how weird it wasn't in the Gents!!