Tuesday, 25 October 2016

October 22nd to 24th A Looooong Weekend

It was so great to have a Public Holiday on Monday. A wonderful, wonderful long weekend. Winter is bad enough without having a dearth of public holidays to enjoy, with the previous one being way back in June. And after a mild but very wet winter, it was so nice to enjoy fine weather.

Our weekend was a real all sorts of a weekend, but in a damned good way. For instance during the week thanks to our friend Jo we found out about a butcher in her town of Te Awamutu, and they were able to supply us raw pork belly exactly as we wanted (to make Romanian Slanina, or Speck, or streaky bacon - whatever the end product is called it is damned good). It also happened to be Jo's 50th Birthday Party on Saturday, so a trip to the butchers was required for us to stock up on all this lovely pork belly, before we headed to Jo and Rob's for an evening of 50th Birthday celebrations. So we ended our Saturday happy with the knowledge of the meaty goods we had to take home, and happy to help celebrate Jo's birthday milestone.

Sunday was a family day. From here in Hamilton we picked up my younger sis Lynette and brother in law Ian, and headed up the highway to north of Auckland to Red Beach. Why it is called Red Beach I don't know. It is a lovely beach settlement and as far as I am aware the beach isn't Red anywhere? A lovely time was spent with us 3 sisters, my niece and nephew, a great niece (in both meanings of the word) and respective partners. Family get together time is always special and this day was no exception.

Monday... ahhh it is always so nice to have a day at home. A sleep in. And I decided the day would be a day dedicated to greens. Cooking greens that is. We have a wonderful surplus of parsley in the garden. So I decided a nice Parsley Pesto wouldn't go amiss

And a pot of Broccoli was put to the boil in home made chicken stock. To be made into a yummy Broccoli and Blue Cheese soup That's my lunch sorted for the week ahead!

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